Higher Education in India. Recent developments and relations with Europe.

Higher education in India. Recent developments and relations with Europe
Brussels, 14 March 2013
Slowly but surely, the global centre of gravity is shifting away from the West and to Asia. This applies to the economy, but it will also impact on higher education. China has already advanced impressively towards its aim of creating world-class universities. Where does India stand, the world's second most populous country? And how will it develop in the next decades? This is the key theme of ACA's second European Policy Seminar (EPS) in 2013, devoted to Indian higher education.

The seminar Higher education in India will present and analyse the present state of Indian higher education, from the prestigious IITs and IIEs to run-of-the mill Indian tertiary institutions. It will also look at approaches to and examples of cooperation in the tertiary sector between India and Europe. "Europe" in this case means the European Union, the single countries of Europe, and individual universities, of which case studies will be presented. Once again, ACA has won many internationally highly-renowned experts from and on India as presenters. For anyone interested to engage with Indian higher education, this seminar is an opportunity not to be missed.

The European Policy Seminars are among ACA's flagship products. The highly-reputed series attracts institutional leaders, such as Rectors and Vice-Rectors, as well as staff specialised in international affairs, and representatives from international organisations, ministries of education, and higher education associations. They are one-day events held in Brussels, the capital of Europe. The choice of speakers follows a simple principle: only the best.

Higher education in India takes place on 14 March (Thursday) in Brussels. Only two months to go. We suggest you register soon, to secure a place.
For programme and registrations http://www.aca-secretariat.be/index.php?id=645
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