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Στο πλαίσιο της 6ης Πρόσκλησης Υποβολής Προτάσεων του προγράμματος Tempus IV 2007-13, σας επισυνάπτουμε έντυπα σχετικά με την αναζήτηση εταίρων για υποβολή σχεδίου από το Πανεπιστήμιο Minia της Αιγύπτου.
From: Associate Prof. Adel A. Elbaset [mailto:Adel.Soliman@mu.edu.eg]
Subject: Fw: Tempus, Egypt

Dear Ms./Sir

Pleasure for us to be a partner with our team. We want to submit a Joint Master Program in “Energy efficiency, renewable energy Systems and environmental impacts” to Tempus.

We are a team work in Egypt. Minia University will be the applicant. We are searching for partners from European universities and one from middle east in the field of Renewable energy system.

We hope if you agree to participate with us in our group.

My Ph. D. in renewable energy sources. I have international book in RES.
All information you can find in my web site below.

Summary Of The Joint Project

AL= Algeria or Lebanon or Jordan

EU= European Union

Eg= Egypt.

RES= Renewable energy system

ECTS= European Credit Transfer System

Renewable energy markets have evolved rapidly in recent years. In the EU, renewables accounted for more than 71% of total electric capacity additions in 2011, bringing renewable energy’s share of total electric capacity to 31.1%. More and more governments around the world as well as in the project partner countries (EU and Algeria), acknowledge the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy as central elements of any green economy strategy. RESs are necessary to overcome the problems related to energy supplies and climate change in the world.
The EG-EU-AL Joint Master Programme in RES will provide post-graduate students with state-of-the-art knowledge within this important area. Students will learn about technologies for utilizing the sun, wind and biomass as energy sources. Furthermore, Students will learn about performance analyses of different energy systems and process integration. Mathematical methods for the optimization, modelling and simulation of energy systems are also included in the programme. The programme will start from Sept. 2015, and will teach the first 2 semesters of the programme during the eligible project period. The programme will formally accept students on full-time basis. The assumed period for each semester is about 20 weeks (30 ECTS) and will contain about 5 courses (each course 6 ECTS).

Description of Project:
The wider objective of the project is
1. To initiate and strengthen education in the areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency in buildings in order to increase the possibilities to decrease the energy consumption and minimize the environmental impact in the participating countries.
2. To develop and offer an advanced master programme in RES according to the "Bologna process".
3. To produce qualified graduates to fill the gap between growing industry demand for renewable energy experts and the skills currently available in the Egyptian job market.
4. To foster scientific cooperation between leading European and Egypt researchers by creating a research platform on renewable energy.
5. To develop new Master programmes on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in the partner countries according to the Bologna three cycle system and the European Credit Transfer System.

6. To develop appropriate laboratory components and field experiment tools based on interactive learning and teaching.

7. To strengthen the collaboration between the participating universities from EU and EG.

Budget and cost effectiveness
The budget will be carefully planed in order to achieve projected results with minimum budget for all 13 partners. Budget and cost effectiveness in this project will planned on the basis of assigned recommendations for 6th call at Tempus VI applications. Staff costs and travelling costs will planned according to the expected activities of consortium members in the project.
The approximately almost uniform distribution of planned activities among EU partner Universities is reflected to the budget distribution. Increased staff costs are proposed for Minia University due to the significant project management tasks.
Equipment budget is proportionally directed to all Egypt partner universities where the master programme has to be implemented and some laboratory exercises have to be upgraded at their laboratories.
The best available price will be achieved by purchasing low cost items as they have to be used mainly by students for lab experiments. Equipment purchase will be realized on base of joint purchase.
The Grant Applicant will be responsible for equipment purchasing, where it will ask for three or more suppliers for quotations. Printing and publishing costs will be used for new developed textbooks, printing reports and presenting the project results to the partners as well as to a wider academic community and labour market organizations.
The same relation between planned activity and budget allocation is applied in the case of EU partner Universities. P&P costs are realistic and rationale compared to number and level of various promotional materials. The necessary financial agreements have been foreseen for the transfer of budget money from Minia University and other consortium members. Detailed records will be kept to satisfy both the stringent reporting requirements and financial audits.

For you
It's expected to introduce some of the following facilities:

1. Mandate (Attached in word file as soon as possible)

2. Helping us to submit proposal.

3. Developing with other project partners the new curriculum in RES

4. Hosting the new master programme in RES at your university

5. Hosting workshops/meetings concerning this project.

6. Introducing of some case studies in your country.

7. Selection of appropriate case studies in your country.


Deadline for submission 26/03/2013 12:00 midday (Brussels time)
Please find attached .

Would you please to access to web site of Tempus

Best Regards
Associate Prof. Adel A. Elbaset

Faculty of Engineering,
Minia University, Minia
Egypt, 61517

Tel: +2 01090343201

Tel :- +2 01226951895