Cooperation with ERASMUS MUNDUS and TEMPUS programme.

Dear Professor,
We would like cooperation with ERASMUS MUNDUS and TEMPUS programme

My name is Alisher Anvarov. I `m from Uzbekistan. I work at Namangan Engineering Pedagogical Institute (NamEPI). It is one of the most leading higher educational institutions in Uzbekistan. There are 8 academic departments at NamEPI and also 15 undergraduate programs, 16 Graduate Programs.(Management, Accounting, Finance, Civil Engineering, Building Communications, Building Constructions, Power Engineering, ICT, Mechanization of Agriculture, Retraining Teachers, Agricultural Machine, Technological Equipments, Food Technology, Ecology, City Transport, Mechanics and etc.)
The fact is that we were working with projects of EURASIA (2002), Erasmus Mundus, projects of JEP (IMG) TEMPUS, DAAD (Germany), MTCP (Malaysia), ITEC (India). Now we are ERSMUS MUNDUS - CASIA project partner (
I think we have enough experience to work with European Universities.
We would like focusing on the following:
Curriculum development;
Short-term Training and Retraining of academic staff, researchers, technical and /or administrative staff in Europe;
Modernization of Higher Education;
Introduction of the teaching methods of teaching materials;
Quality assurance mechanisms;
University management and administration;
Increase capacity and competence for participation in international cooperation

For this purpose I wanted to know weather you are doing any project of TEMPUS or ERASMUS MUNDUS in HE for 2013/2014 year.
We are now searching main partner institution from EUROPE?
Did you start working on the following project? If yes, would you choose us as one of the candidates? If you are taking part in any new project, will you join us as a partner, please?
Or, Please, inform us who is involved/or working now to EM or TEMPUS program?
Please, let us know about this information. I and my team would be glad to cooperate with you. If you have any comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you in advance.
Truly yours,

Dr. Alisher Anvarov

senior Lecturer
Namangan Engineering Pedagogical Institute, UZBEKISTAN
12, Dustlik Avenue, city of Namangan
+998-91-350-35-91 (cell)
+998-69-234-14-30 (Fax)