Programme information on "Europa macht Schule - ERASMUS meets schools".

Αγαπητοί συνεργάτες,


Σας ενημερώνουμε για τη δράση  της γερμανικής Εθνικής Μονάδας "ERASMUS ΣΤΑ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΑ".

Παρακαλούμε να ενημερώσετε σχετικά τους φοιτητές σας που μετακινούνται στη Γερμανία με το Πρόγραμμα ERASMUS, για τις δυνατότητες συμμετοχής τους στο πρόγραμμα (δείτε συνημμένα αρχεία).


Με φιλικούς χαιρετισμούς,


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Sent: Thursday, July 25, 2013 1:37 PM

Subject: Programme information on "Europa macht Schule - ERASMUS meets schools"


Dear colleagues,


also this year we would like to ask you for your help concerning the announcement and dissemination of our project ‘Europa macht Schule’ (ERASMUS meets schools).  We have prepared some information for your HEIs and their outgoing students and kindly ask for your cooperation in spreading it amongst them.


„Europa macht Schule“ works with European exchange students coming to Germany. It invites them into school classes and gives them the opportunity to present their home country in a little project. Since our  joint networking meeting in Feb. 2012 about programmes combining Erasmus student mobility and activities in schools, we know that many National Agencies are interested in this kind of programme and several of you have their own programmes. During the programme it was generally agreed that such programmes should be made better known within the EU and amongst students and schools.


Please find attached the following:


-              Information on the programme for HEIs

-              Information with short programme overview for your outgoing students

-              Leaflet with detailed information on the programme for your outgoing students


We would be very grateful, if you could forward this to your HEIs and ask them for further dissemination amongst their outgoing students.


For your information you also find attached the recommendation paper agreed upon in the networking meeting.


Thank you for your cooperation!


Best regards from Bonn,


Madlen Hunger und Nadine Hoof




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