Morbid Laughter, International Conference

University of Patras, University Library
12/09/2016 - 09:00 έως 13/09/2016 - 18:00



Monday, 12th September




Welcome George Kazantzidis (Patras) and Natalia Tsoumpra (Glasgow)

Introduction Katerina Kostiou (Patras): The surplus deficit: subverting normalcy


SESSION ONE: DRAMA (1) (Chair: Natalia Tsoumpra, Glasgow)

10.00-10.35 Ian Ruffell (Glasgow): Stop making sense: the politics of Aristophanic insanity

10.35-11.10 Dimos Spatharas (Crete): Disgust, slander, and comedy

11.10-11.45 Sara Hobe (Freiburg): Political nosology in Aristophanes’ Wasps


11.45-12.15: COFFEE BREAK


SESSION TWO: SATIRE (Chair: Aristoula Georgiadou, Patras)

12.15-12.50 Paul Martin (Exeter): Cleansing the palate: vomit as a metaphor for satire in Lucian's Lexiphanes

12.50-13.25 Ian Goh (Birkbeck): Spewing fit to laugh in Roman moralising texts

13.25-14.00 Andreas Michalopoulos (Athens): Mocking the (disabled) dead: Seneca’s Claudius in the Apocolocyntosis


14.00-15.30: LUNCH BREAK


SESSION THREE: DRAMA (2) (Chair: Ian Ruffell, Glasgow)

15.30-16.05 Ben Cartlidge (Oxford): Doctor, invalid, charlatan: medicine and madness in New Comedy

16.05-16.40 Michael Fontaine (Cornell): A cute illness in Epidaurus: morbus hepatiarius and other sick jokes in Plautus’ Gorgylio (Curculio)


17.00-18.30: WINE RECEPTION


20.00: DINNER



Tuesday, 13th September


SESSION FOUR: DEFORMED BODIES (Chair: Dimos Spatharas, Crete)

10.00–10.35 Edith Hall (KCL): Hephaestus the hobbling humorist

10.35-11.10 Anna Potamiti (Patras): Inguine suspensam gestas sub ventre lagenam: hernia jokes in Graeco-Roman antiquity

11.10-11.45 Charilaos Michalopoulos (Democritus University of Thrace): LOL in the Corpus Priapeorum


11.45-12.15: COFFEE BREAK



12.15-12.50 Jasper Donelan (Nottingham): A tragic or a comic figure? Lysias 24 reconsidered

12.50-13.25 Georgia Petridou (Erfurt/Liverpool): Pain as a laughing matter in Lucian's Podagra


13.25-15.00: LUNCH BREAK


SESSION SIX: GREEK AND ROMAN MEDICINE (Chair: George Kazantzidis, Patras)

15.00-15.35 Chiara Thumiger (Warwick): Aretaeus’ Stomachikon disease: comical features in a pathological portrayal

15.35-16.10 Eleni Plati (Hamburg): ‘Playful’ and ‘consequential’ laughter in Galen


16.30-17.30: ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION (Chair: Peter Singer, Birkbeck)


George Kazantzidis
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