The University of Patras offers an exciting and dynamic Educational and Research Environment that provides students with high level Study Programs.


The University consists of seven (7) Schools, 35 Departments with Undergraduate Study Programs leading to a specific Degree. Furthermore, the University of Patras offers 50 Postgraduate Study Programs.

Library and text books

The Library and Information Centre houses a variety of book collections and e-resources and operates the Institutional Repository and various digital collections. Students should use the National Service “Eudoxus” for their text books.


Since 2002, the University of Patras has a specific strategy for the development of infrastructure and platforms for e-learning. In recent years it has developed Open Courses and Open Educational Resources available to all citizens.

Educational Center for Life-Long Learning

The Educational Center for Life-Long Learning of the University implements training programs to improve the conditions of Education and Employment for adults. Τhe forthcoming establishment of the School of Lifelong Learning aims to create a valuable adult Training Centre in the region.

At a glance

  • 7 Schools
  • 35 Departments
  • 35 Undergraduate Programs of Studies
  • 50 Postgraduate Programs of Studies
  • 3320 Digital Courses
  • 347 Open Courses

(as of 2019)