Bioethics Committee of the University of Patras
The University of Patras Bioethics Commission originally established by the no. 360 / 12.11.2003 and 362 / 10.12.2003 decision of the Senate and consisted of three (3) faculty members. With no. 459 /31.3.2011 decision of the Senate committee was expanded to seven members, to cover the majority of disciplines on moral and ethical issues, and the reconstruction was decided to no. 41/06.11.2014 Senate meeting. The establishment of the Bioethics Committee at the last decision is the following:

Bioethics Committee
Regular Members Department
Stavros Taraviras (President) Medicine
Dimitrios Vinios Chemistry
Christos Georgiou Biology
Ioannis Tsolakis Medicine
Michael Parousis Philosophy
Georgios Patrinos Pharmacy
Dimitrios Vlastos Environment & Natural Resources Management
Deputy Members Department
Emmanuel Adamidis Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics
Athanasios Argiriou Physics
Georgia Stefanou Biology
Michael Anthrakopoulos Medicine
Despoina Deligianni Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics
Georgios Spyroulias Pharmacy
Theodora Monioudi Gavala Cultural Heritage Management and New Technologies

Responsibilities of the Committee are:

  • The information and sensitization of members of the university community on bioethical issues of concern and general ethics in research.
  • The Harmonization of research practices of University of Patras with the relevant legislation, EU directives and relevant committee’s proposals.
  • The Control-Opinion research / teaching activities related ethical issues.
  • The Control-opinion research proposals submitted by the faculty members of the Foundation under European or national programs and required by the funding body. The check-opinion carried out at the request of the member concerned faculty.

In the above context, the Bioethics Committee recommended the manner and procedure for the exercise of its powers, while the Senate with num. 449 / 18.3.2010 decision approved the proposed recommendation.

Procedure for submitting a request to the Bioethics Committee

Requests to the Commission are submitted electronically by faculty members of the University of Patras to Mrs. K Aggelopoulou (ELKE, Legal Support Unit - Procedures Certification, email:

The average time of the committee's opinion, once it becomes aware of the request, is two weeks.

Submission includes:
(a) the general questionnaire on a research activity or teaching practice,
(b) the specific questionnaire with specific reference to the pages of the Research Protocol; and
(c) the research protocol including all the details of the proposal on the rationale and the ethical dilemmas that may result from the study.

Guidance on the content of the research protocol is provided in Annex C of the questionnaire.

The Committee may request clarifications or corrections of the submitted protocol.
After the successful completion of the examination of the proposal a certificate is issued by the Bioethics Committee of the University of Patras.