The International Orientation Policy of the University of Patras is formally achieved through the co-operation of the Academic staff members with Universities and Research Institutions worldwide. Besides research, such co-operations include activities related to teaching, intensive programmes, the development of common curricula, the establishment of bilateral agreements, as well as participation in International Educational Organizations, Networks and University Associations.

Since its early days, the major aim of the University of Patras has been the effective interaction with the European and International Environment. In 1996, the Senate of the University of Patras approved a European Statement Policy.

The University of Patras was the first University in Greece to incorporate the principles of "Quality Assurance" in Education. To this end, the University takes part in the Institutional Evaluation Programme of the European Universities Association (CRE). Since 1996, the University of Patras has pioneered the introduction of the ECTS in all its Academic Departments. Finally, the University of Patras was the first in Greece to adapt and implement student evaluations for the performance of the Teaching Staff.