The Educational Center for Life-Long Learning of the University of Patras is an educational and professional training center for adults. The aim of the Centre to provide innovative life-long learning, training, continuous professional development services and job coaching to empower university students, graduates and staff to improve their professional skills towards career success. Since its establishment in 1995, the Center has trained over 4.000 people in more than 200 programs.

The Center has extensive experience in the design, operation and implementation of projects, training activities and educational programs of the following form:

  • Blended and distance learning courses
  • Training & certification of professional skills
  • Social advisory and support operations
  • Programs of social inclusion and integration in the labor market
  • Courses of literacy, courses of professional training, social and cultural events Programs of continuous professional training
  • Projects of combating the exclusions from the labour market
  • Professional training of the employees at their workplace
  • e-Coaching and e-Mentoring services

The Center is specialized in the following fields:

  • Information Technology and ICT
  • Pedagogy & Teaching
  • Environment & Energy
  • Engineering
  • Finance and Administration
  • Business Management
  • Health and Welfare
  • Culture and Sport
  • Tourism and Services
  • Agriculture
  • Technical Professions and Transport
  • Humanities

Educational Center for Life-Long Learning
University of Patras
President: Professor Nikos Karamanos, Vice Rector of Academic and International affairs
Rectorate Building, GR-265 04
Tel. +30-2610996639
Fax. +30-2610996673
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Twitter: upatrascve


Educational Center for Life-Long Learning
Administration Building A, University Campus
GR-26504 Patras


+30 2610996639


+30 2610996673