The creation of a positive environment at the University of Patras to encourage innovative ideas and entrepreneurial initiatives of young people can play an important role in the development of entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness of new businesses. The achievement of this goal, through awareness of young scientists in entrepreneurship culture, constitutes the core of the work of our program.

IEU implements a series of actions, with emphasis on knowledge and innovation, such as events, seminars, workshops, visits to firms, courses and mentoring. Additionally, with the contribution of experts such as representatives of institutions and startups, business consultants, faculty members and mentors, who cooperate with us, IEU contributes to the educational needs and the emergence of entrepreneurial talent in students/graduates so that they can respond to the ever-evolving field of innovation and entrepreneurship.


Scientific Project manager: Dimitrios Tzelepis, Assistant Professor, Department of Ecomonics


Administration Building A
University Campus
265 04 Patras