The Department of Mathematics was created at the time of the foundation of the University of Patras in 1966. The Department teaches a range of courses which include both classical and modern mathematical methods and theories.

The rapid advances of science and technology have multiplied the domains in which mathematics is a prerequisite for a variety applications in modern technologies. New opportunities for professional advancement are arising for University undergraduates and postgraduates with a strong training in Pure and Applied Mathematics. Recognizing the need for a broadly based and up-to-date education, the Department of Mathematics has expanded its activities to include teaching and research in a number of areas of current interest in informatics, numerical analysis, operational research, optimisation, non-linear dynamics and chaos, fuzzy logic and applications of mathematics to physics, economics and biology.

To support its research activities, the department has instituted an intensive programme of postgraduate studies awarding Master's degrees in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and the Mathematics of Computation and Decision Making.

Moreover, the research of several faculty members is frequently funded by Greek Government Agencies and the European Community. Developing its connections with other European Universities, the Department has been actively participating in the Socrates/Erasmus Exchange Programme since 1989. Under the auspices of this programme, several students and faculty members have visited the Universities of Warwick and Leeds in England, the University of Amsterdam, the Free University of Brussels and the University of Oldenburg in Germany. We have also hosted students and faculty from a number of European Universities.

The Department is currently hosting the Center of Research and Applications of Nonlinear Systems (CRANS) of the University of Patras.





Professor Kokologiannaki Chrysi
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Professor Tzermias Pavlos
Aristea Vassilopoulou
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