The Department of Pharmacy was founded in 1977 and initially operated as a Department of the School of Natural Science. Since 1983, the Department together with the Department of Medicine form the School of Health Sciences.

The main objectives of our department are:

  • Undergraduate level training of Pharmacy students. Undergraduate level training is periodically adjusted with the continuously increasing demands of pharmaceutical sciences and technology and the changes in the nature of the pharmaceutical profession.
  • Research in novel fields of Pharmaceutical Sciences and
  • Digestion of the present trends of Pharmaceutical Science in our Postgraduate program.

The Department of Pharmacy consists of 9 Laboratories, with a full range of instruments for pharmaceutical research. The research interests of the department include the following topics: System engineering for optimal delivery and targeting of drugs; In vitro diagnostics; Nuclear pharmacy; Liposomes and drug delivery; Biodegradable polymers in drug delivery; Bioactive peptides; Structure-activity relationships; Molecular mechanisms of human carcinogenesis; Tumor suppressor genes and proteins; Anticancer radiotherapy; Angiogenesis; Cytotoxicity; Drug analysis by spectroscopy; Spectroelectrochemistry; Biomineralization; New drug delivery systems; Heterocyclic steroids and aromatic compounds; Steroidal esters and steroidal structures with anti-tumor activity; Synthesis, biological estimation and QSAR of anticancer substances

Students admitted for undergraduates studies need 10 semesters (5 years) in order to graduate, that is to obtain the Diploma of Pharmacy. Courses are offered in the Greek language. After completion of the Pharmacy degree and training, graduates get their pharmacist's license after national examinations. The Pharmacy degree gives access to jobs in pharmacies open to the public, hospital pharmacies, public administration and the pharmaceutical industry.



Professor George Spyroulias
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Department of Pharmacy
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