The Department of Education and Social Work emerged from the renaming of the Department of Primary Education and its merger with the Department of Social Work of TEI of Western Greece, according to the provisions of Law 4610/2019 (article 36, paragraph 2, subsection 2.aa). It will accept students for the first time in the academic year 2019-20.

University students will have the right to select an academic track within the Department, in accordance with the Department of Studies and the Departmental Regulations currently drafted.

Studies in the Department of Education and Social Science are four-year (eight semesters) and graduates are credited with 240 European Credit Units (ECTS).

The Department already offers postgraduate studies, which will also be enriched with subjects of the field of Social Work.

The Department has contracts with many European universities under the Erasmus + Program for student mobility. Thus, a significant number of foreign students are welcomed each year, while several students of the Department take part of their studies at European universities.

Programs of Studies:

Undergraduate Programs of Studies in Sciences of Education (Bachelors Degree, 4 years of studies):

The Curriculum, which is currently being revised, provides for two academic tracks, which will lead to a distinct degree:
A. Academic track of Primary Education Teachers, which will award a Bachelor’s degree, equivalent to the other Departments of Primary Education in Greece.
B. Academic track of Social Work, which will award a Social Worker Bachelor’s degree, equivalent to the other Departments of Social Work in Greece.


Professor Nikolaou Georgios
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Professor Panagiotakopoulos Christos
Emmanuel Apostolakis
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The Department of Education and Social Work
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