The Department of Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education was founded in 1983 (initially as the Department of Early Childhood Education), aiming at the development of research in the Sciences of Education and the provision of academic education to educators of pre-school age. From its inception the Department has been evolved to an institution where all those sciences, which are internationally defined as Sciences of Education, are cultivated both at the level of teaching and research. The mission of the Department has been and still is, to promote cutting edge pedagogy and educate culturally responsive and technologically sound pre-school educators.

Our Department explores modern trends across Educational Sciences due to constant changes that take place in educational systems both internationally and in our country. Our varied experiences and multiple research directions constitute an intangible asset invested to meet varied social and educational expectations attached to Education Departments worldwide. Faculty members come from many and different disciplines and serve the purpose of developing a coherent and inclusive student/professional identity. Their aim is to teach and carry out research in a wide spectrum of scientific subjects using the affordances of modern technologies and diversity to unable graduates to appreciate the values of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Department offers a Program of Postgraduate Studies with the following four specializations:

  1. Social theory, Policy and Practices in Education
  2. Educational Psychology – Special Education
  3. Language, Art and Culture in Education
  4. Natural Sciences Didactics: Curriculum, Evaluation and ICT in Education

At the moment we offer the first, the third and the fourth specializations.  The Department is well staffed with teaching and research faculty members.  Approximately1060 undergraduate, 50 postgraduate and 65 PhD students take part in its courses.

Graduate Programs: 



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