The Department of Philology was founded in 1994 (P.D. 305/94, Government Gazette 163/4-10-1994) and admitted its first undergraduates in the academic year 1997-1998. The department became autonomous in October 2001.

The Department offers an undergraduate programme of studies leading into three specialisation fields: a. Classics (Ancient Greek and Latin), b. Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, c. Linguistics. The Programme leads to the award of an integrated degree with a specialisation in one of the above-mentioned three fields.

As of October 2004, the Department offers a postgraduate programme in Linguistics («Comparative Linguistics and Language Variation») which leads to a Master's degree (2 years, first cycle) and a PhD (minimum 3 years, second cycle).

The Departmental Library and the Central Library of the University are progressively building up a substantial collection of books and periodicals. The department also has a Linguistics lab (for the recording and digitalization of speech and data in general).

The Department of Philology is actively involved in research programmes, and it collaborates with European Universities through the ERASMUS exchange student programme.


Professor Xydopoulos Georgios
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Professor Archakis Argyrios
Fotios Kaspiris
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