The Department of Economics was founded in 1985 and today is one of the most prominent Economics Departments in Greece.

The primary goal of the Department is to develop   and promote Economics through state- of- the- art academic and applied teaching and thorough scientific research.

The Department provides high quality education in Economics within three cycles: (i) Undergraduate program in Economics, (ii) Master of Science program (M.Sc.) in Applied Economics and Data Analysis, and (iii) PhD studies.

The Department’ s research output is substantial and covers practically every major field of Economics. Furthermore, as the citation statistics indicate, it has a substantial impact on the economic research conducted nationally and internationally.

As a rule, the graduates of the Department follow successful professional careers in the private and/or public sector of the economy, in financial institutions and international organizations and in the European academia.

Lastly, the Department’s infrastructure is adequate and it is expected to be substantially improved when its new building, currently under construction, will be completed (end of 2020).


Professor Tzelepis Dimitrios
Deputy Chairman: 
Associate Professor Kouneta Konstantino
Fertaki Theodora
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Department of Economics
University of Patras
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