Drug Discovery and Development (Academic Year 2018-2019)

The purpose of the program is:

   a. To educate, train and specialize young scientists in modern fields of Pharmacy Science, towards the creation of the appropriate human infrastructure to support the country's impact on international scientific developments and to support research, technology, development and implementation of novel scientific fields.
   b. Linking the research effort to the production process and strengthening the technology transfer mechanisms to Greek pharmaceutical industries.
   c. To provide theoretical and practical skills to postgraduate students in order to successfully meet the requirements for employment in pharmaceutical and other similar industries, Regulatory Authorities, as well as diagnostic and research laboratories, in Greece and abroad.
   d. To create a pool of scientists capable of undergoing doctoral studies in relevant scientific areas.

The Program grants a Postgraduate Diploma in "Drug Discovery and Development" to the following specializations:

  1. Medicinal Chemistry - Natural Products
  2. Industrial Pharmacy
  3. Molecular Pharmacology and Biotechnology