Health Care

Students from the EU must bring with them their European Health Card obtained from the health service of their own country. They should always carry it on them, along with their student I.D. .

In case that a student is not covered by a health insurance of his own, is automatically entitled to a comprehensive Health Care of the University of Patras and the Secretariat of the respective Department will provide him/her with a Medical Care Book. Medical insurance is free of charge for all registered students and provides for all medical needs, hospital care and the service by specialists. This includes medical examination and treatment, hospital examination and treatment, medication, laboratory analyses, house calls, maternity care, emergency dental care, orthopaedic aids and physiotherapy. All types of medical help are provided at the University Hospital.

All types of medical assistance are provided at the University Hospital. Tel: +30 2610 999111.


Students are not insured for compensation against accidents, loss of personal possessions, against third parties, etc. In this case and for any other type of insurance policy they are advised to make their own arrangements, preferably before their departure.