2014: The University of Patras comes of age

University of Patras Administration building

2014: The University of Patras celebrates its 50th anniversary. It was November 1964 that the University of Patras was established with the Decree 4425/1964, as the third Greek University. It was created in order to deal with the many challenges that were then facing Greek society. It continues until today to do so.

According to the original proposal to the Greek Parliament, the mission of the new University was to promote teaching and research on subjects that would support the economic development of Greece, with emphasis on science, technology, economic and social sciences and business administration. The objective was also to train specialized scientists and engineers, to reduce brain drain and attract high level scientists from worldwide.
What has been achieved since? Many of the original objectives were met and even extended. The University has now grown into a twocity campus (in Rio and Agrinio); its subjects of teaching and research have been extended from the original ones to the humanities, education, life and medical sciences; it has attracted Greek and international scientists from all over the world; it has grown in number of students (over 30,000 today), faculty, and staff; and has become the largest educational and research institution of Western Greece and one of the most prominent in Greece. While it maintains its regional and national engagement, it also has a strong international orientation. The University recently went through external evaluation of all its 24 departments: the results underlined its strengths and values as a centre of excellence at the European level. Today, in a time of economic crisis for Greece and Europe, we believe, more strongly than ever, that our record demonstrates that public spending for Universities, such as ours, is an investment for the generations to come and for the future of our country and Europe as a whole.
[By Prof. P. Kyprianos, Deputy Rector]
Prof. P. Kyprianos, Deputy Rector