Dear Members of the University Community,

I have undertaken the management of the Administration of the University of Patras, based on your co-operation and criticism.

We believe that we will have the Placidity to live with the problems we cannot solve, the Power to solve what we can and the Wisdom to distinguish what is in the University’s best interest.

By having claimed your vote, I believe that I have the potential to change facts. This involves making collective decisions and interventions.

Therefore, I appeal to all the University community and ask for your participation in procedures, with benevolent recommendations and constructive/positive criticism.

A Management without restrictions, with integrity, with honesty, with providing opportunities for young workers and with accountability to the Academic Community, the University Senate, will signal a new era for our University.

Therefore, please give us the opportunity to prove that in today’s context we have to apply sound and simple logic.


Professor Venetsana E. Kyriazopoulou