The Printing Centre is located on the ground floor of the Library Building and occupies an area of 750 m2. It provides on-campus printing and copying services for the University’s educational and administrative needs (textbooks, laboratory manuals, study guides, papers, reprints, conference proceedings, manuals, CVs, theses and dissertations, pamphlets, brochures, newsletters, business cards, as well as books published by the University Press). For everyday needs it can produce black and white copies in a variety of paper sizes, full color prints and many specific prints. Since last year the Printing Center has undertaken the printing process of all degrees awarded by the University, including Honorary Doctorate degrees.

The equipment of the Printing Center consists of:

  • One (1) SHINOHARA S25 (for offset printing)
  • One (1) RISO EZ 571 E (for offset printing)
  • Three (3) XEROX 4110 (for digital black and white printing).
  • One (1) XEROX 550 Color (for color printing of book covers, degrees, invitations, etc.)
  • One (1) EPSON 9700 Plotter (for posters)
  • One (1) BOURG BINDER 3002 (for bookbinding)
  • One (1) IDEAL 7228A (for cutting)
  • One (1) DUBLO 720 (for cutting)
  • One (1) DUBLO 5000 Stacker (for pagination)

Acting Head: Christos Menounos, tel.: +302610969644, e-mail:


Ioanna Zafeiropoulou, tel.: +302610969645, e-mail:

Department Personnel:

Andreas Karaviotis, tel.: +302610969642, e-mail:
Aris Konstantinopoulos, tel.: +302610969641, e-mail:
Charalampos Argiris, tel.: +302610969642, e-mail:
George Tsaltas, tel.: +302610969642
Panagiotis Zervas, tel.: +302610969642


Library and Information Centre Building University Campus
265 04 Patras