The Department is responsible for matters related to student health care, the issuance of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and voluntary blood donations.

The Department has a Special Office of Health Consulting Services addressed to all students of the University. By decision of the Rector, the Office is staffed with qualified faculty members and scientists and aims at providing diagnostic assessment of mental disorders, psychiatric and psychotherapeutic intervention and psychosocial support to students of the University of Patras.


Προϊσταμένη: κ. Παναγιώτα Παπακωνσταντίνου, e-mail:


Head of the Special Office: Konstantinos Asimakopoulos, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Department of Medicine
Georgia Konstantopoulou (psychologist), tel. +302610969897, fax: +302610997975, e-mail: