The Secretary General is elected by the Senate of the University for a four-year term, after a public notice, and is appointed by an Act of the Rector according to Law 3549/2007 and Presidential Decree 60/2008, as maintained in force under Law 4009/2011. The Secretary General is head of the administrative staff and has, apart from the responsibilities of the (former) Chief Secretary or Secretary General under Article 4 of P.D 388/1983 (A 141), additional responsibilities defined by law or delegated by the institutions to better serve the work of the institutions and the effective coordination and management of the financial and administrative services of the University. These responsibilities include:

  1. the administrative supervision and coordination of economic, administrative and technical services of the University and the responsibility for their effective operation,

  2. participation, without the right to vote, in the meetings of the Senate and the Rector's Council and

  3. ensuring the implementation of decisions issued by the academic institutions and the compliance with the University Internal Regulation.

Furthermore, the Secretary General has a number of consultative and advisory responsibilities, such as in administrative issues, and those assigned by the institutions.

The Secretary General is assisted by the secretariat, whose recruitment is defined by the University Internal Regulation.


Secretary General Office:

Mrs. Anna Stamatopoulou

Τel. 2610 996600, Fax 2610 991711


Building A , 2nd floor

University Campus


Marina P. Korfiati


Building A , 2nd floor
26504 Patras