The University of Patras (UP) is on top of the Greek Universities in putting hands on the International challenge and experience. Since 2015, we rise the number of partnerships under Erasmus+ worldwide and foster modern interpretations with dynamic programs of study dedicated to success and excellence of teaching and research. We provide opportunities for students to work and shake the dice of their lives. Visiting our campuses in cities with cultural heritage, anyone could see eco-friendliness, intimate staff, updated IT services, facilities and structures offering to all as a team.
Erasmus+ people with special needs 2017-2018
Erasmus+ participants with special needs should submit the following documents:
- Staff application AMEA (please visit here in order to apply, file_name: staff_application_amea_2017-2018.en_.doc)
- Student Application AMEA (please visit here in order to apply, file_name: student_application_amea_2017-2018.en_.doc)
Contact person: Maria Kotsari, τel.: +30 2610969028, e-mail:


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