The International approach has guided to research and educational partnerships being established with different countries around the world. In addition, a key aspect of the University of Patras Internationalisation Strategy leads to worldwide students and academic/administrative staff mobilities and curriculum development. The motives are mainly dedicated to: 
- the quality of education, recruitment and research, 
- cultural and intellectual approaches  
- the development of sustainable collaborations.
Thus, Erasmus+ International Mobility program is the “quantum leap” in the enhancement of: 
- education 
- ideas in progress  
- infrastructures exploitation 
  • Erasmus+ people with special needs 2017-2018
Erasmus+ participants with special needs should submit the following documents:
- Staff application AMEA (please visit here in order to apply, file_name: staff_application_amea_2017-2018.en_.doc)
- Student Application AMEA (please visit here in order to apply, file_name: student_application_amea_2017-2018.en_.doc)
Contact person: Maria Kotsari, τel.: +30 2610969028, e-mail: