My experience as an Erasmus+ participant


As part of the Erasmus + international mobility program, I had the opportunity to work at the University of Patra (Greece), which I visited for 3 months. During my stay there I conducted practical research on the theme of the master's thesis: "Mathematical modeling of contact welding of living tissues by specialized microsurgical forceps".
The educational process in Greece differs from the teaching system, to which I was accustomed at the National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute". All subjects at the Faculty of Medicine are taught exclusively in English and Greek and are divided into lectures, practices, and seminars. It was not easy to understand the language, the terms in English, and the subjects were difficult. The education system, the methods of teaching are slightly different. Teachers used PowerPoint presentations in their lectures. These lectures were then available online. At first, it seems difficult, but the learning process is so enthralling that it becomes interesting. Participation in the program requires great responsibility.
The Erasmus + exchange program gave me the opportunity to get in touch with Prof. N. Pallikarakis. In addition, being able to discuss his scientific work with him and other members of the medical school at the University of Patra was very helpful to me, as this brings new ideas to his projects and helped us see projects in which we could mutually benefit from every other expertise and should cooperate. Prof. Pallikarakis and all members of the University of Patras that I had the opportunity to meet (both administrative and teachers) were very kind, exchanging new ideas and providing positive and constructive comments on the work.
Despite the seriousness of such a program, intensive classes alternate easily and with rest. From Greece, it is very convenient to travel to other European countries - fast and not expensive. Organizers of the program arranged for us a fabulous trip to Lefkada, Athens, and Olympia.
The experience of life, studying abroad changes people. I became more determined, confident, I like responsibility and independence. I think that all of us, participants in the Erasmus + program, are proud of what we have - the opportunity to learn another culture and to become, if only for a short while, a part of it.
In general, I am convinced that such an urgent and significant nature of mutual academic activity will undoubtedly become the basis for joint research and graduates of international projects in the near future.

Best wishes,
        Svitlana Yarova

MA Student Christina Nathalie Smith, Russian Federation, Sochi

I can't thank the program enough for opening the academic opportunity, as well as the exposure to the Greek cultural enrichment which I have been receiving. I am so grateful to have been recipient of such an enlightening scholarship which has permitted me to do my research for my Master's Thesis on Olympic Legacy, supervised by a world renowned academic and specialist, Professor Dimitra Papadimitriou in the field of Sport Business Administration. To be exposed daily to the heartwarming and welcoming people of Patra, to the traditions and cultures, have made me feel part of life here in Greece, that I don't want to leave. The students and staff which I have met on campus at the University of Patras have been so helpful and friendly, that it has created an environment which makes a foreigner feel at home. A heartfelt mention and extreme gratitude goes out to 4 hard working women, Maria Kotsari at Erasmus, Iya Marachades at the Russian International Olympic University (RIOU), my Professor Papadimitriou and her assistant (PhD student) Charitomeni Tsordia, who have put forth tireless efforts, time and energy in order to make my experience here possible! Being the first from Canada and outside the European Union, as well as adding the complexity by being a student at RIOU in Sochi, has not made it an easy feat to be here...but we did it!!!! :) I can't be more proud to represent my country of Canada, RIOU, as well as my International Bobsleigh Skeleton Federation, as they are the primary reason why I have been set on this amazing life altering academic and cultural immersion journey. Upon completion of my experience when I return to Russia to defend my thesis then back to Canada, I will have a camera full of diverse memories and a heart full of stories to share which will last a lifetime and inspire the next generation of academics to apply for your program as well as others to visit your beautiful paradise. Despite the current economic crisis, you would never know because of your deep rooted strength in character and positive determined spirit that the saying which I have learned in Olympia rings true....Greeks are not like Heroes...Heroes are like Greeks!
Thank You!
Christina Nathalie Smith

Professor Tomislav M. Pavlovic, University of Nis, Serbia

I would like to inform you that I arrived in Patras on 15th September, 2016 and I came back to Serbia on 29th September, 2016. During my stay at the University of Patras  I have met the staff and students at the Physics Department and other Departments of the University. I have presented and discussed my research work PhD, Master and undergraduate students on the following topics: Solar Energy Systems, Photovoltaic/Thermal collectors, Photovoltaics and Thin Film Technology for energy systems. My teaching hours number including discussion and research contributions consisted of 18 hours. I have also delivered a lecture at the Physics Department on Tuesday, 20th September to the PhD, Master and undergraduate students on Solar Energy Improvements in the Laboratory for Solar energy installed at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, University of Nis. Also, on Friday, 23th of September, 2016 I presented a lecture in the Central Library of the University of Patras on the following topic: Renewable Energy Sources in Serbia and Solar Energy Activities in Laboratory for Solar Energy installed at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, University of Nis, Serbia. It was meant for the Professors, PhD, Masters and undergraduate students. 

I would like to express my cordial and warm gratitude to the Erasmus Program, professor dr. academician Yiannis Tripanagnostopoulos, International Office for Erasmus Project at the University of Patras for this unique opportunity given to me to be at the University of Patras.
Academician Tomislav M. Pavlovic
Faculty of Science and Mathematics, University of Nis, Serbia

Dr. Albarahmieh E.

Among programmes of exchange, we hear about, Erasmus plus is one of the greatest. At the department of materials science-University of Patras, I have had the opportunity to this eye opening experience of Erasmus exchange for training and learning. Research team members I met there, represented by Dr. Kalosakas G., Dr. Bouropoulos N. and Dr. Karoutsos V. are dynamic, passionate, and cooperative with great competencies reflected in their research activities. The scientific diversity and friendly community there gives the individual the best chance for producing quality work.  Throughout our meetings, we focused on the exchange of information in pharmaceutical-material sciences that may be involved in establishment of a collaborative model. Introduction to the department labs was also included. I would like to thank members of the department and postgraduate students there; Mr. Thanos and Mr. Anant, in addition to Dr. Kanellopoulou D. for being so nice. Special thank goes to Dr. Kalosakas G. for making this opportunity possible in addition to his kind hospitality, which creates memorable experience. I will be looking forward to meet him in Jordan!