(i) Design and Manufacturing 
(ii) Energy Systems
(iii) Computational – Experimental Engineering and Advanced Materials

The minimum duration is two (2) academic semesters including the diploma thesis and the maximum duration is four (4) academic semesters.

Maximum thirty (30).

a. education in cutting edge fields in the area of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, familiarization in modern technologies utilization, promotion of scientific research and excellence, development of leadership capabilities
b. broadening and promotion of theoretical and applied knowledge in individual subjects of the postgraduate course
c. investigation of real problems that technology and production fields face in National and International level as well as development attempts to promote technology and manufacturing National ecosystems. 
d. accreditation of junior  capable to pursue doctoral studies in scientific fields relevant to the Postgraduate course
e. Executives development with strong theoretical background, advanced knowledge and analytical skills in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineer capable to deal with the challenges of modern international technology ecosystem
f. providing students with knowledge and analytical skills that will allow them to work as professional executives in manufacturing and development companies oriented in sustainable development.



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