The Interdepartmental Postgraduate Studies (IPS) in Science and Technology of Polymers and Composite Materials of the University of Patras is founded by the following departments: Chemical Engineering (administration), Material Science, Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics.

The aim of the IPS program is the research, development and new knowledge production in the broader area of polymer science and technology and of polymer-based composite materials. Moreover, the IPS program is designed to provide the required knowledge and skills to the graduate students, comprising:

    a) Synthesis and physicochemical characterization of polymers and polymer-based composite materials.

    b) Analysis of structure-properties relationships in multi-functional polymers, biopolymers and composite materials.

    c) Computational design and prediction of polymer properties and polymer-based composites and nanocomposites, through molecular simulation and numerical analysis.

    d) Advanced applications of polymers and polymer-based composites in the area of material production and structures in nanotechnology, energy and environment.

The IPS Graduate Program leads to Master of Science (MSc) degree in “Science and Technology of Polymers and Composite Materials”

Accepted to follow the Program are the graduate students of the founding departments (Materials Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering), as well as graduate students of other departments of the School of Natural Sciences and the School of Engineering of the University of Patras or other recognized, Greek and foreign, educational institutes with relevant pre-graduate studies. The maximum number of the accepted students every academic year is thirty (30) and the minimum duration of the IPS program for the MSc degree is three (3) semesters.