The Interinstitutional Programme of Graduate Studies focuses on the discipline of “Optoelectronics” as Science, Technology and its Application in industry, informatics and telecommunications, energy, biomedicine, environment and the security of the citizens, covering all themes from their theoretical, technological and practical dimensions.

The goals of the Programme are the:

  1. a. Education and training in Applied Optoelectronics and their modern applications, the promotion of scientific excellence and research, as well as the development of technological innovation in the country.
  2. b. Investigation and extension of knowledge in the sub-disciplines at the theoretical level and applied design of optical and optoelectronic structures and systems, as well as the experimental development and technical application in sectors of high social and economic interest.
  3. c. Investigation and solution of problems currently faced in the primary and secondary production sectors in the country, aiming to new technological solutions for their growth and sustainability.
  4. d. Empowering new scientists with theoretical and technical know-how and research tools that will enable them to work as professionals of advanced responsibilities in the private and public sector and in particular to produce:
    i. High-level scientists capable of making innovative and high quality research results at the level of doctoral studies and beyond in industrial R&D.
    ii. Professionals having an advanced theoretical and technological knowledge base and competencies which will allow them to undertake entrepreneurial actions and enhance the productive sectors by adopting advanced technologies.

The Programme awards the Diploma of Graduate Studies in “Applied Optoelectronics”.

The duration of the study in three (3) semesters.

A maximum number of fifteen (15) students are registered per year.

No tuition fees are paid by students for this study.