The Interdepartmental Program of Postgraduate Studies (IPPS) "Medical Chemistry and Chemical Biology" is the product of joining of two related programs titled "Medical Chemistry: Design and Development of Pharmaceutical Products" and "Chemical Biology".

Chemical Biology is a modern interdisciplinary area that involves the sciences of Chemistry and Biology which applies chemical techniques and tools, often molecules produced using synthetic chemistry, to study and influence biological systems.

Chemical Biology finds a particular application in Medical Chemistry, a related scientific area, in which molecules are designed in such a way that they interact with biological processes and deal with specific diseases.

The program particularly aims at the training of young scientists in the use and application of techniques (analytical, spectroscopic, biochemical) and synthetic (or derived from) natural molecules for the study of biological systems involved in specific diseases and, based on this study, substances for their clinical treatment.

Through the research, which is an integral part of the postgraduate diploma thesis, the IPPS seeks to generate new knowledge in the field and to create scientists who can easily deal with interdisciplinary subjects and collaborate with scientists of different specialties. It also aims at improving the competitiveness of Hellenic scientific potential internationally in the specific interdisciplinary field.

Duration: 3 semesters

No fees

Number of admissions: 20




Interdepartmental and Interuniversity

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