The postgraduate programme aims to promote academic knowledge and research in the field of theatre studies and more specifically in ancient Greek theatre and its reception. The particular aims of the programme are defined as following:

a) A further promotion of knowledge and a further promotion of study and research of ancient Greek theatre, ancient Greek drama, the relation of ancient Greek drama with other literary genres (ancient and modern), the influence and the reception of ancient Greek drama in Roman, Byzantine and modern times and, last, of stage approaches of ancient Greek drama in modern times, both in Greece and abroad.
b) The development of research in the above mentioned individual subjects through the compilation of academic articles, doctoral theses, monographs; the publication of articles; the composition of subject-specific bibliographies; and  the production of any kind of relevant academic works.
c) A high-level specialization and the training of specialized scientists, who will be able to staff university departments, theatre organizations and institutions with an interest in ancient drama and its contemporary reception in dramatic texts, theatre performances, any kind of performative acts and the performance arts.

The Programme of Postgraduate Studies of the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Patras awards a Postgraduate Studies Diploma entitled “Ancient Greek Theatre and its Reception”.

The duration for the award of the Diploma is set at four (4) semesters. 

The number of entrants to the programme each academic year is set at maximum ten (10).

Students do not pay tuition fees.



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