The Department of Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering is one of the newest departments of the University of Patras. The department was established in 2019 and is one of the six Departments of the School of Agricultural Sciences.

The Department aims to provide high quality education to its students in order to support their professional prospects in the field of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering through a highly dynamic and flexible curriculum that offers the possibility of personal choices in a modern and broad field of knowledge.


Through a Student-centered Undergraduate Program, the Department has set clear strategic objectives that are directly linked to the respective objectives of the University of Patras. More specifically, the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Science aims to:

    • provide graduates with excellent scientific knowledge in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Science and academic principles which will be the foundation and tools for creating a successful personal, professional and social perspective
    • educate in the search and creation of new knowledge through the application of methods of analysis and synthesis, in order to develop their critical capacity as individuals, as scientists and as social units
    • expand horizons by providing a wealth of opportunities for creative work in stable conditions with emphasis on, among other things, new technologies and Organic and Sustainable Agriculture
    • equip its graduates with the tools and methods necessary to contribute to the economic and social development of Greek rural and agricultural production, from the primary sector to standardization, processing and promotion
    • highlight the importance of working in groups and to train them in methods that ensure efficient and productive interdisciplinary or non-collaborative work based on equal and honest foundations and mutual respect among their members
    • cultivate the vision of a productive contribution to society and to encourage them in their determination to take on initiatives in taking responsibility, in the willingness to make conscious decisions, and in the hard work for their realization

(Temporary) Professor Maria Papadaki
Christina Koutsopoulou
Department of Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering
School of Agricultural Sciences
University of Patras, Nea Ktiria
30200 Mesolonghi