The Department of Crop Science of the University of Patras was established in 2019 and the first students will be enrolled during the academic year 2019-20.
The mission of the Department is: (i) to provide students with an excellent scientific knowledge in order to improve the crop production, and (ii) to conduct basic and applied research to produce new insights and knowledge in crop science.
The strategic objectives of the Department are directly related to the respective objectives of the University of Patras and include to:
    • Provide high-level education, focusing on student-centered learning,
• Produce high level research based on international standards,
• Promotion and recognition of innovation,
• Contribute to the economic and social development of the Greek countryside by solving problems related with the scientific fields of the Department of Crop Science,
•  Strengthen the extroversion and the international presence of the Department of Crop Science,
• Improve the interaction with the industry and scientific community,
• Improve administrative procedures and infrastructure within the Department of Crop Science.
The Department's curriculum was structured to take account of the most up-to-date educational requirements in the scientific field of crop science at international level. The curriculum is in harmony with the latest advances in the field of Agricultural Science, aiming at agriculture future and focusing on state-of-the-art technologies, primary plant production, sustainable management and sustainable agriculture. The aim is to improve the education and training of students in a competitive environment that is directly related to the qualitative and quantitative improvement of crop production through the application of the most modern and innovative scientific methods and technologies. The students will have the opportunity to develop research skills through their Experimental Diploma Thesis preparing them for postgraduate courses by ensuring the students' ability to interact with others in order to deal with problems of agriculture or interdisciplinary nature.
The curriculum provides broader scientific knowledge to graduate agriculturist so that they will design and implement programs of modern and innovative agricultural policy aimed at the production, processing and marketing of quality agricultural products within the framework of sustainable development and environmental protection.
The Agricultural Scientists from the Department of Crop Science will be fully equipped for a successful and demanding career in Crop Science. Our graduates will be able to respond and provide viable solutions to the high nutritional needs that are globally forecasted over the coming decades world-wide.

(Temporary) Professor Kapotis Georgios
Simeon Kandiliotis
Department of Crop Science
School of Agricultural Science, University of Patras New buildings
30200 Mesolonghi