Postgraduate Studies of the Department of Management Science and Technology of the University of Patras

The Program of Postgraduate Studies of the Department of Management Science and Technology of the University of Patras has as a basic object the provision of specialized knowledge of postgraduate level to graduates of higher education in the field of Education Management. In particular, it focuses on the postgraduate specialization of scientists in the field of Education and Management Sciences, with the development of executives specialized in the fields of educational policy planning and education administration, following simultaneously the principles of adult education and lifelong learning.

The purpose of this program, through the synthesis of the fields of Management and Education, comes to provide the participants with the appropriate and specialized knowledge and skills on topics such as planning, organization, management, control and evaluation techniques in a contemporary educational environment. Consequently, our MSc students will have the knowledge and skills to develop and promote innovative actions and policies aiming at the change and evolution of the National Educational System.

In parallel with its research mission, the specific Postgraduate program aims at:
a) the promotion of knowledge and the development of research in relevant scientific topics in the field of management and organization of educational units and

b) the training of teachers and executives of Education, but also specialists for the development and management of human and material resources in the context of the implemented policy. Graduates can be leveraged at various professional and research levels associated with educational organizations and education management structures.

The graduates of the Postgraduate Program “Education Management” will have the mindset and skill set:

  1. To get familiar with the fundamental principles of management and how they are applied in the contemporary educational environment.
  2. To be introduced to the concepts of educational research and to make use of new technologies in order to enhance collaborative learning and to promote research culture in education.
  3. To encourage productivity, design and shape the educational environment in order to provide the possibility of effective learning, and evaluating the educational results.
  4. To display models and leadership skills on the implementation of action plans based on the needs of the educational community.

The duration for the award of the Diploma of Postgraduate Studies (Education Management) is set at three (3) semesters.

The number of entrants to the program is set at a maximum of forty (40) per year.

The tuition fee is set at 3,400 euros per student.



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