Quality Assurance constitutes one of the strategic priorities for the University of Patras, and its main objective is the continuous improvement of the quality for Education and Research.

The University of Patras is the first Higher Education Institution in Greece that recognized the importance of quality assurance and conducted an external evaluation in December 1999, in the context of the processes involved in the Rector’s Synod – CRE (The Club of Rectors of Europe).

Based on the existing legal framework, the Quality Assurance Unit (MODIP) of the University of Patras updates and verifies, through an integrated digital system, the configuration, development, and implementation of the Quality Assurance System.

In collaboration with the Internal Evaluation Groups (OMEA) of the Academic Departments, the unit deals with:

  • The completion of the questionnaires from the students, which are used for evaluation of the given educational project
  • The electronic questionnaires to be completed by the members of the Academic staff for subjects involving education and research
  • The Annual Reports of the Academic Departments
  • The External Evaluation procedures of the Academic Departments
  • The self-evaluation Reports of the University of Patras

The process of External Evaluation for all 24 Departments of the University of Patras was completed with very positive results.

The External Evaluation reports of the Academic Departments, as well as the elements of the Quality Assurance, are provided on the website: http://modip.upatras.gr