The team of volunteers of Upatras Green Campus


oal: to transform the University of Patras into a more sustainable institution.One of the first steps in accomplishing their goal is the establishment of a Committee of Environmental Management and an e Office of Campus Sustainability . Their scope is to set goals and to identify opportunities for sustainable operations.


ecycle, reduce, reuse: recycling of paper, plastic, batteries, ink cartridges, light bulbs, hazardous wastes and e-waste are well organized in various areas of the campus. Reduction of waste can be attained through people’s awareness (related leaflets and posters have been created). Recently, the re-use of paper, old furniture and equipment has been introduced.


ducation and Research: Ten (10) Postgraduate Programs have been established in the past years, several Undergraduate Courses, seminars and lectures have taken place, and high-value and pioneer research have been done on bio-fuels, waste valorization, renewable energy sources, fuel cells, bio-hydrogen production and greenhouse gases.


nvironmental awareness

:On several occasions, tree-planting and volunteer activities have been organized. A voluntary group of Undergraduate and Postgraduate students has been organised in order to disseminate the information to the campus. Reducing energy consumption can be established through management schemes and people’s awareness.


ext steps:Calculation of the carbon footprint of the University Campus, the setting up of an Environmental Management System and to inspire people to undertake energy saving and sustainable actions.