University of Patras is the largest educational and research institution of Western Greece and one of the most prominent in Greece. While it maintains its regional and national engagement, it also has a strong international orientation. The University of Patras can offer a cosmopolitan environment by the sea in which to live and study.

Are you a full degree seeker at the University of Patras?

International candidates seeking to a full degree at the University of Patras could register to one of our 35 undergraduate programs of studies after exams at a national level. For postgraduate programs of studies, applicants should contact directrly the Department organising the program of their interest.

Will you be an exchange student at the University of Patras?

If so, are you:
- participating in Erasmus+?
- a student from a partner university of the University of Patras?

Are you interested in an internship at the University of Patras?

- For internships in a department, contact the competent departmental coordinator
- For internships in other posts, have a look at calls of interest

Are you looking for summer courses at the University of Patras?

Every year various summer courses are organized at University of Patras.

At a glance

  • ~7,000 newcomers
  • 35 Departments
  • 49 Postgraduate programs