The Centre for Vocational Training of the University of Patras (CVT/UP) was established in 1995. It is accredited by the National Organisation for Accreditation of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP) and specializes in the following fields:

  • Environment

  • Health and Care

  • Culture and Athletics

  • Education

  • Administration and Economy

  • Information Technology

  • Tourism and Rendering Services

  • Agriculture

  • Technical and Transportation


CVT/UP has already implemented Training Programs in areas of technology, Administration, Humanities and Social Sciences. Furthermore, CVT/UP has developed methods for improving adult education, training and employment.

The main activities of the Centre focus on:

  • The materialization of complete programs, programs of Continued Training, EU initiatives, programs for combating social exclusion from the labor market etc.

  • Conducting research, studies, meetings and conferences

  • The production and adaptation of Educational Material in relation to the programs needs.

The CVT/UP collaborates with members of the Teaching and Research Staff of the University of Patras as well as with well renowned Scientists. The infrastructure, the technological equipment and the human potential of CVT/UP have transformed this office into a dynamic service for the University.

CVT/UP Administration

Director:Thrassos Panidis
TrainingDirector: Dimitris Vergidis
Responsible for corruptible social teams: Dimitris Vergidis
Coordinator of training activities: Spiros Fanariotis

Contact Information

Address: Center of Vocational Training of University of Patras
University Campus, 26504 Rio, Patra.
Tel: +30 2610 2610 996639, 997259
Fax: +30 2610 996673
e-mail: kek AT

Current programs

Energy Auditors Training

CVT/UP in collaboration with the Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautical Department organises Energy Auditors Training programs. Information can be found at:


Centre of Vocational Training
Administration Building A, University Campus
GR-26504 Patras


+30 2610996639
+30 2610997259


+30 2610996673