Campus Life


In the area of culture, the University is a key player and has always considered cultural development as part of its mission.  The University has undertaken many initiatives in cultural development and provides the forum for a constant stream of talks, quality lectures and cultural events in the region of Western Greece.


The University’s Museums are designed to bring the public into contact with the progress of science and to provide useful learning tools in all levels of education.

Cultural Groups

The University of Patras is where living and learning are intertwined. Students, staff and faculty members form a vital community that organizes groups and clubs for different leisure interests and hobbies.


The Sports Center of the University of Patras is located within the main campus and consists of a large network of different sport facilities of superior quality.The Sports Center implements specialized programs and sporting events to serve the needs of the academic community.

Volunteering and Social Action

Members of the University are strongly active in social matters, making voluntary efforts for mutual aid among community members and facing regional social problems.

At a glance

  • Conference and Cultural Center
  • University Radio UPfm
  • 4 Museums
  • Sports Center
  • 15 Students Cultural Groups
  • Choir, Employees Dancing and Theatric Group
  • Volunteering and Social Action