The Inter-Departmental Postgraduate Program "Medicinal Chemistry: Drug Discovery and Design" includes compulsory, semi optional courses and experimental research in the field of "Medical Chemistry" (total 90 credits ECTS). The main objectives of the program are: (i) training in acquiring, organizing and evaluating the relevant literature, (ii) development of competence in biomedical research or in the design and synthesis of bioactive compounds, or in the use of methodologies for evaluation and analysis of bioactive molecules, (iii) learning of how to organize, write and present the obtained research results. A defined theme and a relevant supervisor will be allocated for each Graduate Student.

The Supervisor will help the Graduate Student to develop his/her ability to think scientifically and use the necessary research methods to address the issue of graduate work, applying the knowledge and skills acquired by the subjects taught previously in the course. At the end of the research thesis, the Graduate Students must demonstrate familiarity and competence with their research topics (45 credits ECTS). The Supervisor will be one of the three examiners appointed for the evaluation of the Graduate' s thesis.


Interdepartmental and Interuniversity