The Department of Architecture of the University of Patras was founded in September 1999.

The aim of the Department is to prepare its students for careers in the design of the built environment.The three major objectives of the academic programme are:

  1. rigorous teaching of architectural design, through intensive studio work,
  2. comprehensive study of theory, history, and methodology, for a combination of research capacity and technological awareness, and
  3. the preparation of socially and culturally active citizens.

The programme leads to a first professional degree, after a five year curriculum, divided into ten semesters, each with a course load of 30 ECTS units. A total of 300 credit units must be completed for graduation, including a Research project of 16 credit units in the 9th semester and a Diploma Thesis in the 10th semester. Upon completion of the course, graduates become members of the Technical Chamber of Greece and have full employment rights as practicing architects in the EU.


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Professor Yannis Aesopos
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Professor Koufopoulos Petros
Ourania Bousiou
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Department of Architecture
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