A reformed Graduate Studies Program (G.S.P.) has been in effect at the Biology Department of the University of Patras since the 2014-2015 academic year (Official Government Gazette Νο.2731/13-10-2014).

GSP leads to the Graduate Specialization Diploma (GSD) in the following fields:

1. “Biological Technology”

2. “Applied Ecology – Ecosystems and Biological Resources Management”

The reformed Graduate Studies Program aims at the postgraduate training of Biology graduates or other relative scientific majors in cutting-edge sectors of Biological Science directly related to the development of Biological Technology and Environmental Biology.

The main objective of the program is the pursuit of knowledge leading to highly educated and skilled scientists who thereafter will be in a position to:

a) Support and further advance the basic and applied research conducted at the Universities and Research Institutes of the country

b) Staff a series of services related to health, quality of life, nutrition, as well as the monitoring, protection and management of the environment (conservation).

The pursued objectives of the program are the combined product of a long and systematic observation, documentation and analysis of the educational problems at Biology Departments in Greece, an evaluation of the societal and economic needs of the country, and, furthermore, they are a result of the systematic monitoring and study of the rapid developments taking place in the biological sciences and their multiple applications during the past 25 years.

The duration of GSP is set to three (3) semesters.

Accepted in the program are Biology Department graduates or graduates of other relative scientific disciplines of National Universities or accredited Higher Education Institutes from abroad as well as graduates of related Departments of Technological Educational Institutes.