The Department was founded in 1980, and was the first in an engineering (polytechnic) school in Greece to offer a 5 year engineering Diploma curriculum in the exciting and dynamic field of Computer Engineering & Informatics. Since then, it has become one of the leading university departments in Greece, attracting some of the strongest students in the country. The Department has a large alumni population leading successful industrial and academic careers in Greece and abroad. An active Alumni Association helps connect the Department's graduates.

The Department's members actively participate in teaching and research in most areas of Computer Engineering and Computer Science. The quality of the research activities is borne out by the number of publications in prestigious international conferences and journals, citations, frequent awards for best paper, participation in and frequent coordination of international and national research and development projects.

The departmental space currently occupies 3300 sq. meters. The teaching and research activities of the department are aided by extensive and up to date computing and networking facilities that span across 11 laboratories (each representing a specific area of research in computer science and engineering) and the Laboratory for Computing (Computer Center) which is the main laboratory for the software education of undergraduate and postgraduate students. The department and the Research Academic Computer Technology Institute have jointly established a common library that contains a substantial wealth of more that 6000 publications, including books, journals, conference proceedings, technical reports, theses (Diploma, M.Sc., Ph.D.) and magazines all related to Computer Science and Engineering. The library offers reading and lending facilities to all members of the Department.


Undergraduate Program of Studies in Computer Engineering and Informatics (Diploma, 5 years of studies)




Gallopoulos Efstratios, Professor
Deputy Chairman: 
Berberidis Kostas, Professor
Giannakopoulou Ioanna
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Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics
University of Patras
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