This Postgraduate Studies Programme promotes deeper education and research in key sectors of Computer Science (Foundations, Software, Hardware and Architecture, Networks, Computer Applications).

The aim of the Postgraduate Studies Programme is:

A) The scientific research on subjects and areas of Computer Science

B) The promotion of Basic and Applied Research in Computer Science

C) The creation and continuation of international competitive postgraduate studies of high level in order to attract Greek and foreign graduates

D) Offering to the Society and the increase of Development through the results of research.

Its purpose is to provide specialized knowledge in Computer Science, so that the holders of the M.Sc.’s obtain increased competitiveness and additional skills for the application of modern IT technologies in their professional environment.

The Postgraduate Studies Programme accept Computer Engineering and Informatics graduates, Electrical and Computer Engineering graduates, Computer Science graduates, graduates of other departments of Schools of Engineering and Schools of Sciences, from Greek Universities, nationally recognized equivalent foreign institutions, Higher Military Schools of Scientific Direction, as well as graduates of Informatics departments, departments of Electronic Computational Systems, and Electronics departments, from Technological Educational Institutions. The postgraduates, after the completion of their studies, have all the necessary skills to follow more postgraduate studies to obtain a Ph.D., as well as to have professional careers in the area of computers and informatics.

Title – Directions

The Postgraduate Studies Programme awards M.Sc. in "Computer Science and Technology" in the following directions:

  • Applications and Foundations of Computer Science
  • Computer Software
  • Hardware and Computer Architecture