The design of Hardware-Software Integrated Systems (HSIS) is one of the most rapidly growing fields of information technology. The complexity of today's systems, especially the embedded ones (telecommunications systems, set-top boxes, image processing systems etc.) has increased the demand in know-how in hardware issues (e.g. VLSI) as well as  advanced software (real time design, real time operating systems etc.). The potential of these technologies is evolving rapidly in a way that their usefulness for the development of systems is overlapped.  This results in the need of handling them in an integrated way at system level, at high and low level as well as the use of unified tools and techniques for system design. The applications of Hardware-Software Integrated Systems cover and affect the whole spectrum of our everyday lives and the further development of technology itself and constitute an exceptional field for postgraduate specialization.

The "Hardware-Software Integrated Systems" Graduate Studies Program aims to specialize scientists in issues of theory, realizations and applications of integrated software and hardware systems, so that they contribute to the progress of the industry and the development of research in the specific object, in an international level.

Also the goals of HSIS are:

  • To provide jobs of high standards for which the provided education and knowledge are necessary, since the planning of the Graduate Studies Program (HSIS) considered the demands of the industry.

  • The complete preparation of graduate students in issues of HSIS for continuing their studies for a PhD.

  • The offer of specialized services to the public and private sector as well to the academic community for the coverage of specialized needs in HSIS issues. 

Degrees Awarded

Postgraduate Specialization Diploma (MSc equivalent) in "Integrated Software and Hardware Systems"   

Entrance Requirements

Admissible, after successfully corresponding to the selection procedure, are graduates of the Computer Engineering and Informatics, Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physics, and Informatics of the native Universities, graduates from relevant equivalent Schools and Departments of foreign universities acknowledged by Greek authorities.

For the selection of the graduate students the following are considered, the grade of the candidates' graduate degree, the candidates' performance in undergraduate courses related to the subject of the Program and in their undergraduate thesis, the candidates' certified knowledge of English, the candidates' research and professional experience, letters of recommendation. The accepted candidates should fulfill some minimum requirements of knowledge, for the completion of which the attending of courses of the undergraduate program may be required for a year maximum. 

Duration of the Program

The attendance of the ISHS Program is at least 15 months. During the 2 semesters the candidates attend the offered courses. The rest of the period is dedicated to the elaboration of the postgraduate thesis.