he Department of Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education, previously known as Department of Early Childhood Education was established in 1982 aiming at offering early childhood teachers university training and research facilities in the Sciences of Education.

The curriculum of the Department reflects the attempt to provide students with: the necessary tools for the acquisition of the scientific identity of the pedagogue specialized in Early Childhood the appropriate qualification for postgraduate studies and research.

The Department offers courses necessary for the vocational training of kindergarten school teachers, such as the Theory and Practice of Teaching Science, Mathematics and Language, the Sociology of Childhood, the Sociology of Education, the Instruction of Children with Special Needs. These are supplemented, however, by courses that either provide a theoretical background for the above or aim at forming educated and enlightened teachers (Developmental and Educational Psychology, Structure of Greek Society, Sociolinguistics, Ethical and Political Theories, Cultural Anthropology, Philosophy of Language, etc.). School experiences are provided during the 3rd and 4th year and include a range of serial placements in schools, teaching designs and practice in core areas of the kindergarten curriculum.

Faculty members are engaged in research in the above areas, while many of our students are encouraged to follow postgraduate studies in these and other education?related areas, such as the Psychology of Learning, Language Acquisition, Science Concepts? Acquisition, Literature for Children, etc. The work of the faculty members and postgraduate students of the department is often linked with schools and other agencies and institutions through fieldwork, partnerships, consultations and research.

The Department has the infrastructure of a library, of laboratories of Informatics, Science Education, Esthetics Education as well as a great variety of audiovisual media, computers, etc






Dimitris Koliopoulos, Professor
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Athanassios Karalis, Associate Professor
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Department of Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education
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