The department of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Enterprises (initially founded in 1998) in Agrinio, has been integrated in the University of Patras since 2013 (p.d. 89/4-6-2013: Α' 130/5-6-13). The mission of the department is to provide to its students theoretical and applied knowledge in the domains of: economics, management and agriculture. The target of the study programme is to equip graduates with qualifications and skills which correspond to the requirements of:

  • enterprises in the agrofood industry (producing, processing and trading agricultural products) and
  • organizations of rural and sustainable development and the agricultural economy.

Based on the experience of corresponding universities in Greece and abroad, our programme of studies encompasses up-to-date knowledge in: macro- and micro-economics, accounting and finance, management and marketing, agriculture, rural development and the environment, methods of quantitative analysis and decision making systems. The offered courses constitute the necessary educational background for chartered membership in the Economic Chamber of Greece. Studies in the department last for five years (10 semesters) and educational credits for each course are issued according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), so to enable the students to participate in EU educational programs (ERASMUS, SOCRATES etc) and to attain qualification recognition abroad. In order to graduate, the students are required to draft a dissertation (in the 10th semester), through a process of literature review and empirical research. The department of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Enterprises is participating along other departments of 5-year studies (Engineering Schools, Agricultural Schools, etc) in the effort for parity of its awarded diploma to Diploma of Advanced studies (on the basis of two extra semesters and advanced courses curriculum).

Finally, according to registered data, the employment opportunities and career prospects for our graduates have been very satisfactory. Their scientific and professional capacity is grounded on the high quality work of our academic staff, both in teaching and research. The department’s four research laboratories (Agricultural Economy and Policy, Agribusiness Management, Food Technology, and Plant Production) contribute to this direction, along with our two postgraduate courses: "MBA in Agribusiness Administration"and "Certification of Quality Agricultural Products".




Associate Professor Theodoridis Prokopios
Deputy Chairman: 
Professor Beligiannis Grigorios
Anna Skepetari
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Department of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Enterprises
University of Patras
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