The overall aim of the Programme of Graduate Studies in Ancient Theatre is to promote scholarly knowledge and research in the field of theatre studies, and more specifically that of ancient Greek theatre in all its aspects. The particular aims of the Programme are the following:

(a) The promotion of study and research in ancient Greek theatre, ancient Greek drama, the relationship between ancient Greek drama and other genres (ancient and modern), the influence and reception in general of ancient Greek drama in Roman, Byzantine and modern times, and, finally, approaches to staging of ancient Greek drama in modern times, both within and without Greece. (b) The promotion of research in the above subjects through the writing of scholarly articles, doctoral dissertations, monographs, the editions of texts, the compilation of thematic bibliographies and the production of relevant scholarly works of every kind. (g) The training of specialized scholars, who will be qualified to staff university departments, theatrical organizations, and institutions interested in ancient drama.

Eligible applicants are graduates of the following Departments: Theatre Studies, Philology, History and Archaeology, Classics, Philosophy, Philosophy-Education-Psychology, Primary Education, Early Childhood Education; Departments of English, French, German, and Italian Language and Literature; as well as all other Departments of Faculties of Letters or Humanities, Departments of Law Schools, Departments of Panteion University, and of the Greek Open University.