Classical Studies: “Ancient and modern readings of antiquity: reflections and perceptions”

Modern Greek Philology : “Modern Greek Philology: historical, theoretical and comparative approaches”

Linguistics: “Linguistics: theory and applications”

The postgraduate programme aims at developing research, basic and applied, in the fields of classical studies, Modern Greek philology and linguistics, advancing and promoting interdisciplinary studies, developing and cultivating the academic dynamics of the department, extending the abilities of new researchers for their career advancement, as well as promoting cooperation with other Institutions in Greece and abroad. The core element is language and texts, viewed through a philological and linguistic perspective. The classics division focuses on the study of ancient texts and their perception in antiquity and modern times. The Modern Greek philology division focuses on the study of Modern Greek literature and its relation with other literatures (comparative), and on methodological skills, theoretical awareness and critical thinking. The linguistics division focuses on the theoretical analysis of language (grammar, crosslinguistic variation, linguistic variation, historical development) and its applications (language use, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics) The postgraduate programme is addressed to graduates with a degree in relevant subjects in humanities or social sciences.