The aim of the MBA is the Food Business Management incorporating contemporary thinking, practices and applicable business tools. The food industry is the most important sector of Greek manufacturing. It is a very dynamic industry, competitive and extrovert which contributes significantly throughout the Greek economy. MBA students acquire expertise in specific food business functions, develop a deeper understanding of food business strategy and learn how to approach complex business issues from a systematic, theoretical and practical perspective. Theoretical framework and critical thinking is the core of MBA, emphasizing on linking theory and practice. The MBA Food Business Management is aimed at graduates wanting to gain an additional competitive advantage and specialization in the job market, busy professionals who wish to gain an MBA while continuing to work and pursue a successful career in Greece and to graduates who wish to turn to entrepreneurship or to change career direction to the food industry.

A very successful MBA programme with emphasis in Food Business Management has been offered since 2007, while the response was great for the part-time course (since 2012). The first part-time graduates are expected by the end of 2015