The Department of Geology, one of the three geology Departments in Greece, was founded in 1977 at the University of Patras, School of Sciences, in place of the pre-existing Chair of Geology. Undergraduate students were first admitted in 1978.

 The Department of Geology offers instruction in many aspects of the broad field of earth sciences.

 Laboratory facilities are available for a wide range of work in geochemistry, mineralogy, petrography, ore microscopy, Nomarski microscopy, petrology, energy resources, micropalaeontology, photogeology, engineering geology, hydrogeology, hydrology, hydrochemistry, geophysics, seismology, oceanography and sedimentology.

 Instrumental facilities include equipment for calorimetric studies and determination of physical properties of coals; measurement of physical properties of industrial minerals; X-Ray powder diffraction studies; differential thermal analysis; atomic absorption facilities and graphite furnace for analyzing precious metals; marine geophysical equipment for water column and sea floor investigations; rock cutting, grinding and ore polishing; measurement of physical and mechanical properties of soils and rocks; quality assessment of soils and aggregate materials for various engineering works.

 The laboratories, library, computing center and lecture rooms of the Department of Geology are housed in the Geology Building. The Seismological Laboratory is at a separate building in the old section of the University Campus.

 The Department ranks high in number of research grants over the past ten years. Funding statistics published in the Annual Reports of the University of Patras Research Committee place the Department of Geology in the top five Departments of the University.




Georgios Papatheodorou, Professor
Andrianna Labropoulou
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Department of Geology
University of Patras
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